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Francesca Heathcote Sapey

Francesca Heathcote Sapey (Sapey Architects)

REAS guest speaker on March 27


Urban Design and its latest trends

We had the pleasure to have with us Francesca Heathcote Sapey, partner at Teresa Sapey architectural Studio in Madrid, to discuss about Urban Design and its latest trends

Francesca explained us how it is possible to shape how people use spaces by focusing on urbanism. By using small scale interventions on the cities' landscape, it is possible to foster the engagement of people with the constructing sites, to promote education of people towards certain values, and to sustain the growth of new businesses.

Francesca showed us the new frontier of investing in public spaces not only with a focus on the end result: building temporary structures, leasing spaces to pop up locations and to small businesses can attract users earlier on to these areas. By doing so, it is possible not only to start gaining an early profit, but also to give a boost to small emerging businesses and to create value for the people and the community.

We would like to thank again Francesca Heathcote for being with us and for sharing her insights on such an interesting topic, and to thank ESCP Europe Madrid Campus and BNP Paribas Real Estate for their support in sponsoring the event!

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