Bid data and Artificial Intelligence

Big data and artificial intelligence are transforming the traditional way real estate valuation and intermediation is done. They also provide new tools for urban planners to design and implement more efficient and smart cities.
Electric Scooter

The electric scooter, drones and personal aviation are radically changing urban mobility, reducing congestion, pollution and decreasing commuting times.
Smart Design

Smart design, modular systems, automatization and robotics in the prefabrication process, supply chain integration, and sourcing optimization are challenging the traditional way buildings are built.
Property management

Property management is also revolutionized by new technologies, such as the transparent power glass, the self-learning radiator thermostat, the digital twin elevator, and the symbiotic building which self-regulates the air quality, integrates services such as cleaning and maintenance, and optimizes space.

Our PropTech Incubator program seeks to provide a platform for talented students to develop new ideas and to create successful PropTech start-ups.

The program closely collaborates with our Master of Science in Real Estate by offering cutting-edge education in topics such as PropTech innovation, Real Estate Big Data and Analytics, Smart Cities and Urban Design, Real Estate Software Design (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, BIM), and Real Estate Digital and Business Transformation.

Finally, the program is committed to foster academic research through conferences and professional events on topics related to new technologies in the property industry. Examples of these topics are smart cities, property fractional ownership and equity crowdfunding, real estate big data, virtual reality for buildings, property and land valuation, property funds, real estate portfolio management, and building performance analysis.

Companies interested in collaborating with this program through sponsorships and other types of partnership, please contact us here.

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